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6 Branding Basics that Web Designers Can’t Ignore

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6 Branding Basics that Web Designers Can’t Ignore

Does your web design business have a brand?

Even if you haven’t put much thought into branding your web design business, your clients probably already have an opinion about your business. You may even already have a reputation for doing a certain type of work. That reputation is one of the branding basics that you should manage.

Branding is important for web designers. Not only must you develop a recognizable brand for your own web business to stay competitive, but often clients expect branding help from their designer. If you can’t help your clients with branding, they’ll find someone else who can.

That’s why it’s important for web designers to understand a few basic principles about branding. In this post, we’ll describe six basic branding principles and explain how they relate to web design.

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