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Modern long shadow icons

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Modern long shadow icons

Flat design has been continuing virtually unchallenged for some time now, and it’s started to develop sub-styles. One of the most popular new trends is long shadow design, and you’d have to have been living under a rock not to have seen it.

Long shadow design is often abused by trend-chasing designers who want to seem hip, but used correctly and it’s a great tool. This great icon set designed by They provide professional and quality royalty-free stock icons for designers. You can access to over 1,000+ premium icons with an affordable subscription fee. All of the icons are perfect for websites, web applications and wireframes creation. There are 3 types of premium icons including pictograms, stock icons and mini icons, all professionally designed. You can check out their free icons too.

Look at the home icon: the long shadow works perfectly to create a path to the door, a welcoming and enticing effect. Another great use of the long shadow is on the document icon, in which the file seems to push forward into the circle; it’s positive, dynamic and reinforces the message being communicated.

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